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Edited at August 01, 2022


How to Hire iOS App Developer For Your Project 

Have a startup idea for a mobile application or want to expand your target audience with iOS users? In any case, creating iOS-based applications is a smart decision because:

  • Apple users comprise a huge and loyal customer base,
  • the development process is simplified, 
  • applications have unified UI,
  • iOS apps are more secure.

But how do you find an iOS developer with an extensive background and respective skillset? In this article, we give a piece of advice on how to hire iOS developers fast and efficiently. 

iOS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Creating a mobile application implies architecture design, choosing a development approach, building, testing, and deploying the application. Professional iOS developers should be familiar with each step of the development cycle and be able to contribute to them. Usually, mid-to-large applications require a team of iOS developers to make the build fast and stable. 

If you invest in iPhone or iPad application development, you’ll want your developers to have the following hard skills: 

  • Swift 3.0 and Objective-C programming languages,
  • Xcode IDE,
  • data management frameworks (Core Data)
  • unit testing techniques, 
  • Grand Central Dispatch,
  • UX/UI understanding, 
  • source control skills.

Besides technical skills, iOS developers should have communication skills to address agendas to teammates, critical thinking to overcome challenges in development, innovative thinking to improve the app, and work ethic to share your company’s culture. 

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iOS Developer Technical Skills To Look Out For

Before you go any further into creating your iOS mobile application, you need to outline your business strategy and set up app requirements. Depending on your target audience, budget, and expected revenue, the development approach and the size of the development team will differ. 

You should also understand the technical aspects of developing applications for iOS to be able to assess the proficiency of your employees and the quality of their work. 

Let’s break down the types of development for the iOS platform to help you understand the difference. 

Native Development

Native development means your application will run only on iOS platforms, and programmers will use programming languages that are native to the iOS operating system. These are either Objective-C or Swift. 

Native iOS apps have better compatibility with smartphones or tablet hardware units such as cameras, speakers, GPS, etc. Besides, native development allows programmers to provide a unified user interface and improve user experience. Native apps are also more secure and stable than hybrid apps. 

Hybrid iOS development

Hybrid development helps to create native-like apps that can be run on different platforms (web and mobile). To do that, developers use specific tools to make the code understandable for different platforms. This is called reusable code – written once in a specific language it can be transpired to another one. For example, the application written in HTML/CSS and Javascript can be adjusted for iOS apps with Apache Cordova or Ionic’s Capacitor. 

Hybrid applications allow businesses to reach a wider market and save time and resources on the development. However, they lose to native apps in user experience and security.

How to Hire an iPhone App Developer?

Now that you know what skillset to look for in candidates, let’s dive deep into the types of employment you can use to get team players on board for your project. A simple application with a fixed set of features can be built by a sole mobile developer. However, If your project is big, you’ll probably need to hire a team of developers. 

In-house Team, or Developer

You can employ professional in-house developers who’ll commit to your project. Full-time employees are usually motivated by your values and are driven by the company’s results. 

If you want to hire in-house developers, you should set up at least a basic recruitment process and write job descriptions to attract candidates. You can select, filter, and interview the candidates on your own, involve a tech lead in the process, or hire a recruiter. 

The drawbacks of in-house employment might be expenses associated with the legal requirements of your local area, such as health insurance for employees. Besides, you’ll shut yourself out of the talent pool available worldwide. 


Freelancers are good for performing a particular task or milestone with fixed deadlines. If your project is not too huge, one freelancer will handle it fast and efficiently. However, hiring a dedicated freelance team isn’t an easy task. Freelancers can be involved in several projects simultaneously that may affect your project. Hiring freelancers is cost-effective, though. 

Software Outsourcing Team

Another option is to hire an outsourcing team. Outsourcing implies hiring a dedicated team from another company to perform a particular task. In mobile development, outsourced teams learn the project’s purpose deeply, and provide continuous communication with the customer to deliver high-quality applications.

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iOS Developer Salaries 

Cost-effective hiring involves developers’ salary analysis. If you want to allocate the budget efficiently, consider the iOS developer salary differences depending on the location of your hires. If you need more details, recently, we’ve discussed how much it costs to develop a mobile app and the factors that affect the final cost. 

Average iOS Developer Salary In the United States and Ukraine

In the U.S., an average iOS developer’s hourly rate comprises approximately USD 74, according to Glassdoor. Depending on the years of experience and skills, the annual iPhone developer salary can range from USD 80,000/year to USD 120,000/year. 

Ukrainian developers are famous for their high-quality delivery, yet they charge less for the services. DOU statistics say the average annual wage of Ukrainian iOS developers ranges from USD 12,000 to USD 40,000.

IOS Developer Salary in Europe

IT outsourcing in Europe continues to grow. According to Clutch, there are nearly 3,000 firms offering software development services in sole Eastern Europe. IOS developers from Europe can make up to USD 110,000 yearly depending on the country. Here’s a comparison table for you to compare the prices of mobile development in Europe. 

IOS developer salary in Europe
CountryAverage annual wageAverage hourly rate
Switzerland123,000 CHF50-90 USD
Germany61,000 EUR50-90 USD
The Baltics31,000 EUR35-50 USD
Malta75,000 USD30-50 EUR
Finland63,000 EUR50-100 USD
Poland27,000 EUR25-50 USD


Hiring iOS developers for your project isn’t an easy task. The search for the right employees can take a lot of time, not to mention the difficulties of assessing technical skills. However, there’s no rule to do it yourself. You can always delegate recruitment to a professional agency such as Talentica. Recruitment agencies can help you reduce costs on hiring developers and select proficient and cost-effective teams offshore. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We’re here for you to address any of your concerns. 


  • How to hire an iOS developer?

    There are three options for hiring iOS programmers. You can hire iOS developers as in-house employees, freelancers or outsource software development services. Hiring developers involves searching, filtering, and interviewing the candidates to find a perfect fit for your company.

  • Where to hire an iOS developer?

    You can reach developers via freelance platforms, search in dev communities, or social media and offer them a job. To speed up the hiring process, consider turning to recruitment agencies such as Talentica. The agencies usually have an accumulated talent pool that helps them find proper specialists faster.

  • How much does it cost to hire iOS developers?

    iOS developers charge from USD 25/hr to USD 100/hr, depending on their location and level of proficiency. Having estimated the project size, the timeline, and the team size, you can calculate the approximate cost of hiring iOS developers.

August 01, 2022


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