Ultimate Guide how to Hire Android Developer
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Edited at February 17, 2023


How to Hire an Android Developer

Mobile apps’ revenue hit $462 billion globally in 2019 and is expected to reach $936 billion by 2023. Doesn’t it sound impressive? But only some apps will succeed and bring in money. Because there are too many applications available, they are pricey, and so on, only 1 out of 10K mobile apps survive.

To make your services user-friendly and scalable, you must hire Android app developers for your company. Create an Android app to give yourself a competitive edge over your rivals. Your company may get a competitive advantage from it because of its lightweight frameworks, appealing UX designs, inexpensive development costs, and minimal distribution constraints. Giving Android users a rich user experience through their applications offers businesses and startups a powerful marketing strategy that aids in the formation of enduring relationships with their clients.

Employing the best Android developers will enable you to build a popular app that stands out from the competition and makes a nice profit. For your app development project in 2022, check out our blog post on how to hire an Android developer.

Android Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Android Developer is a software developer with a focus on creating apps for Android operating systems. Because the market for developing Android applications is booming, there is a huge need for android developers. The demand for software developers, which includes Android developers, is anticipated to increase by 17% through 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Developers for iOS and Android are essentially the same. An Android developer must possess a few essential technical and non-technical skills to succeed in Android development.

An Android developer is responsible for several tasks, including designing the app and debugging it once it is released. Android developers must consider several factors when developing the app to make it more approachable and straightforward to use. 

  • Interactive user interfaces (UI)

For the Android platform, an android developer creates applications. They develop user-friendly applications for all users. Its user interface needs to be engaging and appealing. An exemplary user interface gives the application a great appearance and draws users. An Android developer should be well-versed in UI for this.

  • Programming languages include C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and a few more technologies.

They design and maintain reusable and high-performance code. Different programming languages are used on various platforms. Which language a developer prefers depends on them. Programming and design expertise are essential for creating Android applications. They keep the code in a reusable and understandable context to simplify changes and debugging. Both present and future developers benefit from maintaining the understanding environment of code. After a while, it becomes necessary to update the applications, so they maintain a code format that makes changes simple.

  • Bug troubleshooting and repair

A programmer’s primary task is bug troubleshooting and repair. The task of the android developer is to find and fix flaws in the code of any application as it is being created. The android developer is responsible for troubleshooting when an app is sent to the user. Android developers are accountable for fixing any bugs that may have been introduced after testing the application for potential issues.

  • New development tools

Android developers must maintain knowledge of new tools and technologies. The most crucial thing is to stay up with changes in the market since they need to do so to stay caught up in the race. They must thus be informed about new tools released onto the market. As new devices are introduced to the market, they must assess whether or not they are worth using. Technology advancements enable the addition of new features to already-existing apps. They must determine new tools because they are crucial for advancing in the market. New tools and technologies provide parts that can be more interactive and practical.

  • API for the application programming interface

An API connects computer applications so that they may speak with one another. An Android developer uses many APIs to communicate with a variety of services. Ex. The Google API is utilized to enable the navigation system. To use several services in one program, API is needed. They allow many applications to open in one by leveraging API, increasing their interactivity. Many businesses provide APIs and provide guidelines for utilizing them safely.

  • Needs of the user

An Android developer creates the application after considering the needs of the user. Because users will use the app, the developer must consider their needs and comfort. Working with the user’s needs in mind gives customers satisfaction, which is a developer’s responsibility.

  • Highest performance and quality possible

The goal of an Android developer is to create responsive applications quickly. People need more patience, so if any application opens slowly, they quit even before starting it. Therefore, an Android developer considers how quickly the application should respond. They create the kinds of applications that offer users high performance and quality.

  • Databases

Currently, practically every app manages a lot of data, making database-based data management crucial. To utilize the program when offline, data synchronization between local storage and remote databases is crucial. An Android developer should have solid database expertise. For storing data indefinitely, SQLite is helpful in Android programming.

What Are the Main Tech Skills of an Android Developer?

The following is a list of crucial developer competencies you should look for when selecting Android developers for your app project:

Programming Languages

For every Android developer, knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, and JavaScript is crucial.

  • Java: Android Studio supports Java, the standard language for developing Android applications. Android Studio training.
  • Another approved Android language is Kotlin. Although related to Java, it is more straightforward.
  • C++: Using the Java NDK, Android Studio also supports C++. Games are created using it. Due to its complexity, C++ is mostly used by big, experienced teams.
  • C#: C# is a less complex programming language than C and C++. It is also simpler to use than Java.
  • JavaScript: PhoneGap powered by Apache Cordova enables the development of applications using the same HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that is used to build websites.


Every developer has to be proficient in databases. An Android developer leverages well-known databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB, and SQLite to create Android apps. SQLite is helpful for permanently storing data and is perfect for mobile apps.

Android Studio

Android applications are built in an integrated development environment called Android Studio. Android Studio offers the quickest tools for creating apps for any type of Android device. Its goal is to quicken development and support the creation of the best apps possible for Android devices. For designing reasons, one should be familiar with XML, and for developing code, one should be familiar with Java or Kotlin.

Android SDK

The Android SDK is a collection of Java modules that allow programmers to access features on mobile devices including the camera and accelerometer. Developers need to maintain their familiarity with the Android SDK. Applications for devices running the Android operating system are developed using the Android software development process. An Android developer should stay current on the various versions because there are many.


API, or application programming interface, API enables interaction between many programs. For instance, we could observe the weather in an application. Thus we must utilize API to talk to one another.

Hire Android Developer to take off with mobile application.

How to hire an Android App developer?

There is no quick or simple way to find the top iOS developers who create the best iOS apps when it comes to hiring the best iOS programmers or hiring an iOS development company to assist you. When hiring an iOS developer, you can take some actions to improve your chances of getting the best possible results.

Start with Project Description.

For someone to understand what you want to achieve and what you intend to do, the description of your app must be clear. Describe how your mobile app will help a particular business problem in the project description. Include the objectives of your firm, the program you require, and its features as well.


It doesn’t matter how great an Android app developer is if they need more industry knowledge. Understanding your business’s needs and what you do can help you choose the best developer. A developer’s domain expertise significantly influences the quality and performance of your application.

Consumer feedback

Ask them about the experiences of their previous clients. Previous projects have demonstrated their abilities and intellect, but you cannot monitor their conversation or behaviour regarding Android app development services. You may rely on customer feedback for this.

Select the most appropriate model.

Depending on the task you need done, you should hire an Android programmer. Android app development may be done in a number of ways, such as outsourcing, working with an agency, employing a freelancer, or using a full-stack developer. Before deciding which strategy is best for your company, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Organize the interviews

Interview preparation is crucial when you want to fill a position for an Android developer. Both the interviewer and the candidate should prepare for the interview. Not only can asking the proper questions during the developer interview help you locate the finest Android developer for your needs, but it will also make the entire process more manageable. There are developers who think deeply, execute well, and truly stand out in every way. All of these qualities should be shown through your interview questions. 

Sign the contract to complete the transaction

When you engage an Android developer, the contract will outline how your project will be delivered and what you will receive after it is finished. Determining what should happen in a dispute is a crucial component of such agreements. These contracts typically specify the what, when, how, and how much.

This contract is generally comparable to any other contract entered into for any other service. It ought to include all the typical components. For instance, the contract should specify how termination-related issues should be addressed. It ought to provide information on how conflicts are to be resolved.

Employ best skilled and experienced Android developer with an IT recruitment agency! Get a quote 

Reasons to hire Android developer through IT Recruitment Agency Talentica

It’s a full-time job in and of itself to find candidates to fill a company’s employment openings. Finding the best applicants requires a full-time employee (or, depending on the size of the organization or the complexity of its operations, a team of employees). High time and financial expenditures are involved in doing that. To deal with this issue and free up their internal resources to focus on their businesses, businesses have started to rely on recruiting agency as Talentica.

#1. Access to Android developer who is skilled and knowledgeable

A recruiting agency has its advantages, one of which is having access to a team of recruiters that prioritise keeping current with technologies and how they develop in various tech industries. They understand how to evaluate potential candidates using the proper procedures and the right questions to ask.

#2. Attract candidates with more diverse experience

Recruitment companies aggressively hunt for professionals who aren’t necessarily searching for a job in addition to reaching out to these remote individuals. These candidates, who are also frequently referred to as “passive talent,” represent a sizable market that seasoned recruiters can tap into. Additionally, recruiters are skilled at persuading inactive talent to change careers in ways that are advantageous to both the talent and the agency’s clients.

#3. Get higher quality hires

Recruitment firms may screen candidates more thoroughly and identify those with greater qualifications since they have access to a larger population. Depending on the circumstance and the client’s requirements, the recruiters employed by these companies are skilled in a variety of techniques for screening, testing, and hiring the finest prospects.

#4. Speed up hiring process

Using a recruiting firm may shorten the time it takes to bring on a new employee. You can concentrate on what your business does best and significantly shorten the time it takes to find new employees by delegating that job to your knowledgeable recruiting partner.

Recruitment firms handle the time-consuming administrative steps involved in recruiting. They locate the ideal people, deliver their results to you, and even arrange interviews on your behalf. All of this is done to save you and your business time.

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#5. Decrease hiring costs

You are no longer need to pay for applicant evaluation tools and job advertisements. Your employees can concentrate on other, more crucial facets of their tasks. Your IT recruiter can locate qualified candidates for less money, wherever in the globe. You don’t have to waste money by possibly hiring the wrong person and then having to start the hiring process over, or by needing a lot of training.

When weighed against the benefits, the drawbacks of utilizing a recruiting agency for employment are negligible. At Talentica, our recruitment agencies’ job is to provide you with the top talent at competitive prices and to make the recruiting process as easy as possible so you can unwind and concentrate on what truly matters: creating high-quality goods for your consumers.

Android Developer Salaries 

Android would have up to 2.8 billion active users by the time you read these numbers, accounting for 75% of the whole market share for mobile application development. Since more digital businesses are converting to Android app development, it is important to note that there are over 130 million active Android app users in the US alone.

To give you a quick idea, depending on your project needs, the typical projected range of how much it costs to design an Android app is between $20,000 – $300,000 and above.

Average Android Developer salary in the United States and Ukraine

The average annual salary for an Android application developer in the US is a high $127,000.

Depending on the city in the USA you’re hiring in, pay varies widely. One of the priciest cities is San Jose, where an average Android developer salary is $152,072. The average Android developer salary in Seattle is $133,628, which is higher than the national average in several Pacific Northwest cities.

In San Francisco, California, the average Android developer earns $146,000 annually, which is much more than the national average. In Raleigh, North Carolina, Android programmers generally make roughly $153K annually, which is an excellent salary.

In contrast, a typical Ukrainian Android developer can earn up to $36 000 per year making it the most comfortable salary for those looking for a highly skilled specialist. Also keep in mind that Ukraine, a well-known center for Eastern European software development, is where this technology is trendy, which gives these developers a ton of experience and expertise.

Android Developer Salary in Europe

There is no such thing as the typical compensation for an Android developer in Europe because wages and the adoption of the Android development technology differ widely per nation.

Android engineers make, on average, $35K in Eastern Europe. The average Android engineer in the UK anticipates earning little more than $72K per year. For instance, because there are fewer Android developers in Switzerland than in Germany, the average compensation for an Android developer in Switzerland is about $109K, but it is just $68K in Germany.

The average salary for an Android developer is just around $58 000 in Norway and Finland, whereas it is $76 000 in Sweden and $70.5K in Denmark. Since the technology is less common and well-liked in France, it is unusual to hunt for an Android developer there. Because of this, the average pay for Android developers there is only $50,000.

This is not the situation with the UK, which is only over the water. In the British Isles, where Android programming is relatively common, the average compensation for an Android developer is little over $72K per year. However, a highly skilled engineer can anticipate earning even more; the average senior Android developer salary in London is $95K.


Every entrepreneur and company owner seeks an Android app developer that can deliver both quality and value. A developer’s location and degree of expertise are two of the most important criteria when estimating their cost. Therefore, hiring foreign developers from nations with cheap developer rates may be a good method to achieve that balance.

You’ve now mastered the art of hiring Android developers to create your very own Android app! If you get in touch with us, we’ll go above and beyond to assist you in hiring the Android developer for building a custom app solution for your company.


  • How do I recruit Android developers?

    Start with a technical description of your project, choose the suitable hiring model and conduct technical interviews to choose the best. Or instead of that with your clear needs, contact a recruitment agency that searches candidates instead of you. So you need to review them, finalize your choice and start development.

  • How much do Android app developers make?

    It depends on the experience, skills, and technical level of expertise the salary of Android developer. The average Android developer's income is about $111k/year to $140k/year.

  • What language is used for Android app development?

    Prior to Kotlin's official replacement of Java as the language for Android app development, Java was the most widely used language. Many of the apps in the Play Store were created in this platform.

February 17, 2023

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