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How to Hire a Laravel Developer: A Five-Step Guide

Laravel is an outstanding tool for building web applications’ server side of any complexity. If you want to create a scalable web solution in a short time, hiring Laravel developers is a wise decision.

In this article, we’ll cover Laravel’s key strengths and usage examples. You’ll also discover the skills to look for in Laravel developers and a strategy to hire exceptional talent. 

Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Full-Time Team

Let’s start with discovering what Laravel is and reasons to choose it for your project. 

Laravel Overview 

PHP is a popular programming language for backend web development. According to W3Techs statistics, PHP is used by 77.4% of websites whose server-side language is open for investigation. And Laravel is one of the most used PHP frameworks.  

At the moment of writing this article, 688,027 websites use the Laravel framework. Look at the table below to compare Laravel usage versus other PHP frameworks. 

Laravel 688,027 websites CodeIgniter 513,877 websites
CakePHP 56,992 websites
Symphony 13,074 websites
Yii 12,535 websites
Zend 6,908 websites

Laravel was released in 2011 as an open-source framework under the MIT license. It’s famous for its elegant syntax and robust features that make the development process faster. Here’s why Laravel is so popular in web development:

  • Outstanding Development Features. Laravel offers developers plenty of useful features to build quality web applications fast. Some of the most valuable features are authentication, an HTML template engine, efficient object-relational mapping to easily interact with databases, and Artisan (a command line interface).  
  • MVC Architecture. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It’s a design pattern that allows programmers to build high-performance and secure web applications. MVC architecture keeps the business logic and representation layer separate, so developers can build the application in parallel and prevent bugs. 
  • Fast Time-To-Market. Due to Laravel’s built-in features, developers can create robust systems in a comparatively short time. Projects with a limited timeline can benefit from using Laravel for the backend. 
  • Security. Laravel is secure out of the box. The framework provides built-in protection features from cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and SQL injection. 
  • Scalability. With Laravel, developers can manage a growing number of users effectively. So if your projects require scaling, Laravel is a tool to rely on.

What Is Laravel Used For? 

As we mentioned before, many websites are built with Laravel. Some famous organizations that use Laravel are BBC, GitLab, Pfizer, ScreenCloud, etc. Businesses from different industries leverage Laravel to create:  

  • marketing websites (static or dynamic), 
  • e-commerce websites, 
  • single- and multi-page applications, 
  • web portals such as job boards, news, etc.
  • social media sites,
  • management systems, etc. 

Laravel developer Roles and Responsibilities

Laravel’s developers are responsible for designing, building, testing, and implementing the server-side logic of a web application. They work closely with front-end developers and business stakeholders to provide apps that meet established requirements. Laravel developer’s roles and responsibilities include the following: 

  • create web applications using the Laravel framework,
  • design and build backend logic to process queries from the front-end,
  • work with SQL databases, 
  • adhere to security standards and best practices in building web apps, 
  • test code for performance and bugs,
  • find and fix errors, vulnerabilities, and inconsistencies in code, 
  • communicate with other developers to provide quality results, 
  • write required documentation. 

What Are the Main Tech Skills of a Laravel developer?

Any project can have specific tech requirements for backend developers. Here we’ll focus on the most common tech skills proficient Laravel developers should have: 

  • exceptional knowledge of PHP,
  • proven record of Laravel experience, 
  • database management and design,
  • knowledge of front-end technology (HTML/CSS, JS)
  • understanding the most used front-end frameworks (ReactJS, Angular, Vue)
  • programming best practices,
  • knowledge of MVC architecture and OOP,
  • unit testing.

Besides hard skills, Laravel developers should have decent communication skills, the ability to work in a team, strong problem-solving skills, and time management skills. 

The Best Way to Hire Laravel Developer

If you want to hire expert Laravel developers, prepare in advance. Below you can find a simple guide on hiring Laravel developers. 

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A Five-Step Guide On How To Hire Laravel Developers

  • Define The Project

Start with figuring out what kind of project you want to create. Before hiring any programmer, you should outline the project’s purpose, goals, main features, and target audience. With this information, you can get a clearer understanding of what tech stack to choose for building your project. 

  • Post an Open Position 

After you’ve chosen Laravel for your project, you can start looking for devs. Create a job description with all the requirements and responsibilities the developer will take with this job. Be clear and honest, and explain the developer’s daily routine and the perks you offer. 

With a job description at hand, you can make posts on job boards to find your candidates. Don’t hesitate to look for Laravel devs on freelance platforms or in developers’ communities. Some of them may not be actively searching for a job, however, they can consider your proposition if the project is compelling.

  • Filter Candidates 

When you’ve collected several CVs, filter the most suited candidates for the interview. You should seek developers experienced in building projects similar to yours, have an extensive portfolio, and comply with your requirements. 

  • Interview

During the interview, make sure the candidate can talk confidently about their previous experience and make examples of their work. You should also ask questions that are specific to your project to understand if the person will be able to perform well.  

It would be best If you had a chance to engage other developers from your team to assess the candidate’s skills and knowledge.  

  • Onboarding

Congratulations! You’ve found your perfect Laravel developer. Now you can introduce them to the team and provide them with the information needed for work. 

Where To Find Dedicated Laravel Developers?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can search for candidates through the job boards, and freelance platforms for developers’ communities. If your company leverages social media for business purposes, you can set up an advertising campaign to attract candidates. With time and effort, you’ll find the right candidates.

If you want to reduce the time spent on searching and filtering candidates, you can use the services of an IT recruitment agency. Talentica recruitment agency has already built a talent pool of developers and can quickly address your request for top-notch Laravel developers. Moreover, Talentica works by an outstaffing model, meaning you won’t have to deal with mundane hiring process tasks, – the agency will handle them for you. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Laravel Developer?

Developers’ salaries range depending on their skills, years of experience, and the country they live in. Glassdoor portal estimates an average annual salary of Laravel developers in the U.S. at approximately USD 112,000. If you are planning to hire a Laravel developer from the U.S., note that the annual wages vary from USD 95,000 (Juniors) to USD 150,000 (Seniors) on average. 

If you need a more cost-effective solution, look for developers from other countries. Eastern European developers are famous for their strong skills and relatively low prices. For example, a Laravel developer from Ukraine makes around USD 21,000 yearly. Other regions such as Latin America offer software development services at affordable prices. Laravel developers from Buenos Aires earn around USD 24,000 per year. 


Laravel framework is a great solution for any web application, so if you’ve decided to hire a Laravel developer, you’ll be content. You are welcome to use our guide on hiring Laravel developers. If you have any questions about hiring expert programmers, let us know.  


  • What does a Laravel developer do?

    A Laravel developer is a PHP professional experienced in building server-side parts of web applications using the Laravel framework.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Laravel Developer?

    Glassdoor portal estimates an average annual salary of Laravel developers in the U.S. at approximately USD 112,000. If you are planning to hire a Laravel developer from the U.S., note that the wages vary from USD 95,000 (Juniors) to USD 150,000 (Seniors) on average.

  • How Can I Hire a Laravel Developer or Team?

    If you need to hire a Laravel developer, you can post an open position on job boards or search for developers on freelance platforms, social media, and developers’ communities. Or you can turn to an IT recruitment agency Talentica for help. Talentica takes the burden of searching and filtering candidates off your shoulders, so you'b be able to find a perfect match for your project as soon as possible.

September 04, 2022


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