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Natalia Shpitula

Edited at July 14, 2022


The Key Benefits of Hiring Through an IT Recruitment Agency

The lack of tech specialists affects companies’ income. According to Korn Ferry, the tech industry in the U.S. would lose USD 162 billion annually if not hiring highly skilled developers, QA testers, project managers, etc. 

Hiring top talent is challenging for business owners. It tooks a considerable amount of time to search through a talent pool, choose competent candidates and hire them. The LinkedIn Economic Graph team found out that time to fill an IT job takes 44 days on average. Entrepreneurs have to be distracted from business development to get themselves top-notch specialists. 

IT recruitment agencies help businesses find qualified tech specialists faster, taking the burden of selecting and interviewing candidates from business owners’ shoulders. 

What Is IT Recruitment and Its Role for Business? 

Modern businesses rely on digital technology, so they offer highly-paid jobs with flexible schedules and other perks to win the best specialists. Demand for IT experts creates a proposition resulting in an overflowing talent pool. However, skill and talent shortage remains a huge problem. So it takes blood, sweat, and tears for IT recruiters to find perfect candidates for IT jobs. 

IT recruitment is a part of HR that focuses on searching, selecting, and hiring technology experts. IT recruiters filter candidates by their skillset, check if they fit the company’s culture, and manage communication between the firm and potential employees. As IT recruiters deal with tech professionals, they must know tech tools, trends, and other peculiarities required for open job positions. 

Filling an IT position is made more difficult by the fact that top talent demands high salaries and is often passive in a job search. Sometimes recruiters have to poach specialists from other companies. Considering these challenges, companies turn to industry-specific recruitment services

When to Hire a Recruiting Agency

Companies can handle IT recruitment with their internal human resource team. But in some cases, it’s more efficient to delegate hiring IT experts to agencies. Consider the following situations when building a recruitment strategy. 

You Need a Team in Another Country

Remote work opened opportunities for businesses to strengthen companies’ headquarters with offshore teams. An IT recruitment agency that has experience in hiring talent from abroad can be a time and resource saver for you. The agency would know where tech hubs are, how to deal with the local talent pool, and what legal requirements you need to comply with. Additionally, agencies can offer you suitable management strategies or help establish an office space, etc. 

You Are looking for Highly Skilled Talent

As we’ve mentioned before, finding an employee with a specific skill is challenging for non-IT recruiters. It might be a good idea not to waste the time and energy of your internal HR team if you need a developer who should be skilled in a specific tech stack. IT recruitment agencies are specialized in searching for specialists that meet your requirements and usually have access to the required talent pool.

You Need to Optimize Budgets  

The cost to hire IT specialists on-site includes their annual salaries, office rent, hardware and software required to perform their work, etc. Besides, specialists in your country may demand higher salaries compared to foreign experts. So, if you need to cut the budget, outstaffing may be the right solution. Offshore labor is cost-effective, and it’s easier to reach them through recruiting agencies. 

Looking for top-notch IT specialists for your project?

Let us find you a perfect match.

You Are Looking for Flexible Hiring 

It often comes the time when businesses have temporary projects to be done and these projects require a specific workforce. Instead of hiring experts full-time, you can use the power of flexible hiring:

  • Temporary hiring allows companies to cover temporary tasks with additional staff until the project is finished. 
  • Temp to hire model implies a temporary arrangement with the possibility to make it full-time. 
  • Direct hire means that an outstaffed employee will report directly to you, not the agency. 

You Need Somebody to Take Care of Legal Responsibilities 

Employment law is complicated and recruiters must always watch the changes to help companies avoid difficulties especially if you hire from abroad. The areas of complication include: 

  • clarifying employment status,  
  • employment agreements, 
  • preparing tax documentation, 
  • establishing payroll process,
  • employees termination. 

IT staffing agencies can help you handle regulatory compliance concerning the external hiring process.

How to Hire the Right Person?

If you want to hire an IT specialist through a recruitment agency, you should create a precise list of requirements for your future employee. The agency will rely on the information you hand to them when searching for candidates so be as descriptive as possible. Talentica created a three-step questionnaire for your convenience. Fill out the form and we’ll start looking for candidates right away. The form fields include:

Step 1. Set the Objective. To find an employee choose the “hire developer” tab and tick how fast you need to find an expert and type of employment. For example, immediately and full-time. 

Step 2. Choose what kind of specialist you need from a dropdown field and list a preferred skill set (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Angular, SQL, etc.). And tick a year of experience for an ideal candidate. 

Step 3. Enter your contact information, agree with the privacy policy and send your request. 

What Do Modern Specialists Expect at Work? 

Employers must know what IT experts want at their workplace, if they want to win the best talent. Workable 2021 survey reported that 70% of employed people are actively or passively looking for a job. The reasons people want to quit their jobs include low salaries, tight schedules, lack of work-life balance, and a toxic working atmosphere.

The statistics say that: 

  • 63% of respondents expect to earn more at a new job,
  • 58% are looking for work flexibility, 
  • 39% of female respondents have chosen family perks,
  • 37% believe good relationships with co-workers make work a better place.  

Employee upskilling remains one of the most in-demand requirements for IT specialists because technology is evolving, and employees want to keep up with the stream. Employee upskilling helps companies make internal hiring and save time and effort on finding new specialists. 


The modern labor market is becoming a real battlefield. Companies have to work hard to hire staff who will bring value to the business. In order not to deplete resources and save time on hiring IT specialists, you can contact a recruiting agency such as Talentica that will help you select the best candidates according to your requirements faster and more efficiently.

July 14, 2022


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