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Edited at September 04, 2022


Hire React Developers: Everything You Need To Know

So, you’ve decided you need a ReactJS developer for your next project. Great choice! 

React.js is an open-source library that helps developers create efficient UI. The main strengths of ReactJS are fast rendering, flexibility, ease of use, and a short learning curve. React is a must-have tool if you want to create a single-page app. 

Developers with advanced knowledge of ReactJS can build user-friendly applications with reusable code, which speeds up the development process. Besides, if the developer is qualified with React Native, they can build cross-platform apps efficiently. 

In this article, we discuss the core responsibilities of ReactJS developers, their salaries, and how to efficiently hire the best React developers.  

React JS Developer Roles and Responsibilities 

React.js developers are responsible for designing and creating UI components using the React.js library, a Javascript-based front-end development framework. The React programmers participate in a software development lifecycle at each stage, from preliminary analysis to development to testing and evaluating results. Core responsibilities of a middle React developer include but aren’t limited to: 

  • creating UI components using ReactJS toolkit, 
  • ensuring quality UX/UI experience of an application,
  • working with a mockup for the visual representation of UI components,
  • contributing to the development process to improve the quality of a final product,
  • optimizing application performance, 
  • testing the code to define bugs and inconsistencies,
  • tracking changes, preparing updates, and implementing new features,
  • searching for trends and modern solutions to prevent moral obsolescence of the app.

Besides tech responsibilities, developers should participate in discussions concerning the development process, perform managerial tasks, plan their workload, participate in Scrum rituals, etc. 

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What Are the Main Tech Skills of a React Developer?

As React developers work with a JS-based library, proficiency in Javascript and HTML/CSS is a must. Besides, the competencies must include development tools that improve the development process and help to build strong applications. Here are necessary hard skills each React developer should have: 

Core Javascript and HTML/CSS 

React is based on Javascript (EcmaScript) programming language, so React developers should know ES6 syntax and have enriched experience in DOM manipulations, event handling, array methods, data structures, algorithms, etc. HTML/CSS is required to create components using JSX (an expansion of JS syntax). 

React.js Core Concepts 

Professional React developers should have experience in state management, functional and class components, React Hooks, Redux, React Router, Create React App, etc. 

Additional Libraries and Tools

In addition to direct knowledge of the React library, the developer should know the tools used in the development process:

  • Testing (Mocha, Jest, etc),
  • version control systems (Git),
  • preprocessors and CSS libraries (LESS, SCSS, Material UI, Bootstrap, etc.), 
  • application programming interfaces (API) – Context API,
  • integrated development environment (IDE) – VScode, Storm, etc.

The Best Way to Hire React Developers

After you decide on the basic requirements for a developer, you can begin the recruiting process. It is better to prepare a job description in advance so that candidates can assess your expectations and the benefits of working on your project.

Ways to find react developers include:

  • finding candidates on job search sites or through social networks by yourself,
  • searching for employees on freelance platforms and in the developer communities,
  • hiring a recruiter for the team,
  • contacting a recruitment agency specializing in the selection of IT personnel.

You can employ new developers in-house, or delegate particular tasks to freelancers. However, if you have a limited budget and need a dedicated team for your project, we suggest considering an outstaffing model to hire developers. Recently, we’ve discussed the differences between outstaffing and outsourcing of software development services. 

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Reasons to Hire React JS Developer through IT Recruitment Agency Talentica

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Finding developers with Talentica is easy. You need to specify your tech requirements, and our managers will search and filter developers for you. We vet each developer by ourselves and have already created a broad talent pool, so after all agreements, you’ll get the first candidates in less than two days. We value our clients’ time, that’s why carefully examine your goals, budget, and expectations to help you:

  • reduce time to hire,
  • eliminate doubt about IT expert’s work quality, 
  • make your idea stronger and improve your internal processes.

Should you have any questions, you can ask them through the contact form or schedule a call with our manager. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a React Developer?

Estimating the budget is crucial for developing and launching the web app. You should consider what wages React devs expect to make the best decision on how and where to hire React developers. Let’s compare the hourly rate and salaries of React developers in different countries. 

In the USA

The U.S. is considered one of the most expensive countries to hire React developers. According to Glassdoor, the average annual wage of React developers is USD 105,000. Depending on the level of proficiency and the location, annual salaries may range from USD 58,000 for entry-level developers to USD 120,000 for team leads. Developers from New York earn the highest yearly income (USD 120,000), and the lowest – from Minnesota (USD 92,450). If you want to hire freelancers in the U.S., you’ll be charged USD 80-100/hour

In Ukraine

Programmers from Ukraine, as well as Eastern Europe, are considered the most cost-effective developers in terms of price-quality ratio. The annual income of a Ukrainian React developer ranges from USD 12,000 to USD 35,000, depending on skill set and years of experience. 

Freelancers in Ukraine usually charge USD 25-50 per hour.  

In Latin America 

React development experts from South America earn from USD 10,000 to USD 31,000.

Brazil is considered the IT center of Latin America, and the salaries there are the highest. For example, a senior full-stack React Developer from Brazil can make up to USD 32,000 per year, while the highest annual salary for the same role in Argentina can reach approx. USD 21,000 per year. As for freelancers, the average rate is USD 45-65 per hour

Wrapping Up 

Investing in React applications can be a profitable solution due to fast and efficient development, cross-platform compatibility, and React’s flexibility. However, to launch an application that won’t crash suddenly, you’ll need the help of experienced React developers. 

Now that you know how to hire React developers, you can begin your project and reach new heights in whatever business you have. 


  • What is React used for?

    ReactJS is a Javascript-based UI library that is used to create applications for web platforms. With React, developers can create any app, from eCommerce to social media apps and AR/VR apps.

  • Which languages and frameworks is React compatible with?

    React has Javascript at its core. The combination of JS and HTML developed into JSX syntax that allows developers to write reusable code faster and efficiently. ReactJS is compatible with all browsers, although older versions may require some polyfills.

  • React.js vs React Native

    React.js is a UI library used in web development, while React Native is tailored for mobile and cross-platform development. With React Native the application will have a single source of code reused for different platforms.

September 04, 2022


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