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Hire Node.js Developers: Everything You Need To Know

W3techs report shows that NodeJS is in the top 10 most popular technologies used for modern websites. NodeJS is mostly a backend solution but is also used in full-stack development. It’s a runtime environment that makes it possible to execute JavaScript on the server. 

Node.js is popular among programmers due to its scalability and ability to increase performance. Businesses admire NodeJS for its cost-effectiveness in full-stack development. 

So, if you’ve decided to hire a Node.js programmer for your team, you’ve made a wise choice. This article will guide you through the information you need to hire qualified Node.js developers and don’t waste much time and resources on recruitment. 

Projects That Run on NodeJS

Node.js User Survey held in 2018 revealed that 85% of professionals use the technology in web development, while 43% of respondents apply it for enterprise apps. The well-known websites that use Node.js include Twitter, Adobe, Spotify, Github, Trello, etc. 

Node.js is an open-source platform with a huge community that constantly contributes to its development and creates many frameworks, APIs, and other dev solutions to use with Node.js and boost its capabilities. The advantages of Node.js include but aren’t limited to:

  • increased performance,
  • reduced response time on pages,
  • scalability, 
  • a short learning curve, 
  • cost-effectiveness. 

Node.js can be used to create social networks, chats, streaming platforms, in-browser games, IoT apps, education platforms, and more. 

What Are NodeJS Developer Roles and Responsibilities?

Hiring new developers is always a challenging task. Before you start interviewing candidates, you should figure out the level of proficiency your team will need from a newcomer. If you are creating a team from scratch, first hire essential developers for your project. 

Generally, the level of proficiency breaks down into three categories: junior, middle and senior. Senior Node.js programmers can also be team leads. Let’s see the roles and responsibilities of Node.js developers depending on their level of proficiency. 

Junior Node.js Developer

Junior programmers have enough experience to handle day-to-day tasks, implement simple solutions and report on the work to colleagues. Junior Node.js developer is usually responsible for:

  • developing and implementing software according to guidelines, 
  • monitor and maintain existing solutions, fix bugs and improve code,
  • planning and implementing software testing,
  • learning new technologies,
  • report work results to middle and/or senior programmers,
  • planning workload.

Middle Node.js Developer

Middle software developers have more responsibilities than juniors and can handle work more independently. The list of responsibilities of middle Node.js developers includes but isn’t limited to: 

  • developing all server-side components, 
  • improving database performance, 
  • implementing security protocols, 
  • testing and improving software performance, 
  • working with a front-end team of software integrity,
  • creating UI for the project, 
  • documenting the processes and implemented strategies. 

Senior Node.js Developer

Senior Node.js developers are in charge of designing server-side architecture and managing the team of programmers to ensure the quality of the end product. The responsibilities of senior Node.js developers are the following: 

  • making sure software meets business requirements, 
  • coordinating schedules and assigning tasks within the team, 
  • providing code review for other developers,
  • troubleshooting development issues, 
  • writing reusable and efficient code, 
  • defining timelines and managing project delivery,
  • ensuring software quality and security, etc. 

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Main Tech Skills of a NodeJS Developer

Now that you know what responsibilities Node.js developers hold according to their roles, let’s define the technical skills they should have to be able to perform efficiently. Here’s a table of hard skills of junior, middle, and senior NodeJS programmers.

– Basic knowledge of JS.
– Node.js and at least one framework such as Express.js.
– Basic knowledge of CoffeeScript or/and TypeScript.
– SQL and NoSQL database,
– Git.
– Proficiency with Node.js and JS.
– Typescript and/or CoffeeScript.
– Express.js, Backbone.js
– Knowledge of front-end technologies, 
– Docker, serverless or AWS servers,
– GraphSQL, MongoDB,
– Git
– Node.js and frameworks. 
– TypeScript.
– Architecture patterns. 
– Public clouds (AWS, Azure) and relational databases.
– Management and leadership skills.
– API communications. 
– Asynchronous programming.
– Frontend hard skills.

Ways to Hire Node JS Developers

Before you interview the first candidates, you should create a portrait of the ideal hire for your team. Consider what tech stack your project has, what its size, and how fast you expect to release your product. This will help you to outline essential hard and soft skills the ideal candidate should have and how many Node.js programmers you need to hire. 

If you have IT recruiters in your team, you can delegate the task of searching and filtering candidates to them. If not, consider the following ways to find candidates:

  • freelance platforms,
  • job boards,
  • social media,
  • dev communities.  

Make sure to create a competitive job description. Describe job responsibilities clearly and outline the recruitment process. Don’t forget to mention job perks that stand out to attract the best talent. If you’ve already had devs in your team, it would be best to involve them in interviews to select the right people. 

If you think that searching for candidates on your own will distract you from more important tasks, you can delegate hiring to an IT recruiting agency. Recruitment agencies often have a database of talented developers and will be able to select the best candidates that meet your requirements.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a NodeJS Developer?

As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the average wages of Node.js developers to allocate your budget and make cost-effective decisions. Depending on the devs’ location, the cost to hire Node.js programmers will differ. 

Average Salaries of Node.js Devs in the USA

According to the Glassdoor web source, the average yearly wage of Node.js developers is USD 113,000. Depending on the level of proficiency, the salaries of Node.js specialists can range from USD 100,000 to USD 150,000 per year. The most expensive region is New York, and the least expensive – is Michigan.  

Cost to Hire Node.js developers in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the Eastern Europe countries where software development services have high standards while prices remain convenient. For example, the average annual salary of Node.js developers in Ukraine is USD 12,000 which can reach USD 30,000 at the highest point. 

How Much Node.js Developers Make in Latin America?

Latin America’s software development services market is cost-effective enough in comparison to the U.S or European markets. Middle Node.js developer from Buenos Aires earns approximately USD 58,000 per year.


Developers are the pillars of each digital project, so their professional skills and qualities should be high. If you want to hire a Node.js programmer for your project, now you know everything you need to start searching for your ideal devs.


  • What is Node JS used for?

    Node.js is an open-source Javascript runtime environment used in web development for providing back-end support for the project.

  • How can I hire the best Node.js developer?

    You can recruit Node.js developers on freelance platforms or job boards, via social media, or in developers’ communities. If you want to reduce the time to hire, you can turn to an IT recruitment agency such as Talentica.

  • How much does it cost to hire a Node.js developer?

    Depending on the recruitment type and the location of your developers, the annual expenses of one Node.js developer can range from USD 10,000 to 150,000.

September 04, 2022


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