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Backend developer at bvblogic

Senior C++ Developer

September 12, 2022

Required skills:

● A degree in computer science or a related field
● Strong understanding of low-latency and real-time system design and implementation
● Good understanding of Linux system internals and networking
● Deep understanding of CPU architecture and the ability to leverage CPU capabilities
● Knowledge of any other development language, including Java, Python, or Perl and shell scripts (a plus)
● Experience building latency sensitive systems with a strong understanding of low level aspects
● Strong understanding of hardware stack and hardware architecture from a latency perspective
● Strong understanding of network protocols
● Advanced proficiency with C/C++ systems development in a Linux environment
● Demonstrable success building high performance software
● familiar with low level technical things, e.g. c++ compiler, linux kernel, networking packet parsing tcp/udp/kernel bypass, shared memory and lock free techniques

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