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Backend developer at bvblogic

Middle+ Ruby Developer

September 12, 2022

Required skills:

● Strong knowledge of design patterns, basic algorithms and data structures;
● 3+ years of Ruby development experience;
● Experience of working with RoR 5;
● Experience with relational databases (MySQL, Postgres);
● Skills in writing modular/integration tests.

Will be a plus:

● Microservices architecture and RabbitMQ;
● React (or other JS libraries/frameworks);
● GraphQL.


● Development of new features, mainly for the server side;
● Optimizing and improving the project;
● Participating in the technical architecture and design;
● Conducting a revision of the code, support production;
● Participating in Scrum and OKR retrospectives and scheduling to give a call and synchronicity of the new development across the team;
● Writing module/integration tests and documents for implemented functionality.

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